The Big Apple

Steve Jobs has created a new big apple of his own. Many analysts opined that Microsoft was to always be king. They may have to take a share of the forbidden fruit themselves. In search of better appliances users have turned to Apple, making it bigger than Microsoft. 9 out of 10 computers still run Windows. The difference is in the hardware.

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The launch of the iPad is a case in point. The Wired iPad app sold 24,000 copies in the first twenty four hours. Poetic reality. Business insider was way off the mark for predicting a sale of 3,000 copies in that time. But this sale is testament to a larger truth, that of Apple.

The iPad was launched in Australia to a fan frenzy following. In fact hundreds of prospective buyers descended to Australia. 400 Apple maniacs chose to be the first, rather than wait for the online order to arrive. In the first month the Apple has sold a million tablets. Estimates say that seven million more will be sold this year.

In Europe the American $499 price tag is reflected as 499 Euro for the same (What is it in Japan?). Meanwhile, interestingly, the success of Apple is spawning a disgust (for giant corporations) in much the same way Microsoft did.

Perhaps it is the robotic marketing machine of Apple. The way they have created a cult, see –

Any company that looks like it has a hold over the psyche or economy is detested by many. If Apple wants to be smart about business, perhaps it should take a different path from Microsoft.

iPhone Ringtone Software

If you are one of the 20 million plus iPhone owners and you want to use one of your existing MP3 files on your computer or maybe a clip from a movie or video, you will probably be frustrated trying to figure out how to do it on iTunes. Apple prefers you to purchase a song from the iTunes store and then pay to have it converted to a ringtone.

If you are looking for an alternative to this, you may want to consider getting iPhone ringtone software. These types of programs, which are developed by third party companies, allow you to easily make a ringtone out of any MP3 or MP4 file on your computer. You can even upload it to your iPhone without using iTunes.

There are programs available for both PC and Mac users. If you are interested in learning more, go to

The Apple Tablet

If you like the iPod and like laptop computers then the Apple Tablet will make you happy. It is likely to resemble a big iPod. The cost is to be about $600. The Apple tablet has been projected to sell about 2 million units and earn Apple 1.2 billion in revenue. This projection comes from Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster based on information from an anonymous Asian component supplier that is working with Apple.

There is more and more speculation on the Apple tablet device. Expert talk says early 2010 is when it will appear complete with a 3G modem and best in class web, media and email software. This means that the tablet would be competing with netbooks even though it was in a different category.

iPhone and iPod Gaming

If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, you don’t just have a device that is a great phone or mp3 player. Today the iPhone and iPod are also great devices for playing games. The apple store stocks over 13,000 games as estimates suggest. Some of these games are better than the others and here is a list of some of the best games.

Bejeweled 2 costs 1.79 pounds and has simple, infectious gameplay. The controls are great. Drop7 is another addictive game. It features Facebook integration. Flight Control costs 1.59 pounds and has you landing planes, which is more difficult than it sounds. Galcon is about conquering the galaxy for those who think big.

XM Sirius iPhone App On The Way

For several months there has been talk of a XM Sirius iPhone/iPod Touch App. Now it appears more and more likely that the application may be here tomorrow, June 18. The unofficial Apple Weblog TUAW talks about the following mail that has been sent to Sirius subscribers who have asked about an application.

iPhone/iPod News

In latest iPhone/iPod News, Major League Baseball is bringing condensed games to the iPod and iPhone. This comes from an announcement from These will consist of significant game action in the form of a short video which is less than 10 minutes in length. The vital moments of every Major League Baseball game is showcased in this offering.

Additionally on offer from at Bat 2009 is live audio broadcasts with no blackout restrictions, real time video highlights, gameday functionality and a continuously updated scoreboard. Users have the choice of viewing the whole post season on at Bat for $9.99 a one time fee. This is possible from Apple’s App Store. Also available is a free lite version.

It is a head to head battle between the Zune HD and the iPod Touch. Who do you think will come out on top? Some would say the iPod is head and shoulders above the Zune, HD or otherwise. Some would differ. Lets try and venture to forecast the outcome of this war. Announced just last week, the Zune HD, portable media player is to sport a HD Radio Tuner as well as an OLED touch screen. There is to be flash memory and an IE version for the browser. With an HDMI connection for streaming video to HDTVs, wi-fi connectivity, HD Video support as well as a built in accelerometer, the Zune HD is one mean machine. Read more… »

Microsoft Vs iPod War Stage Set

Microsoft seems determined to dunk the iPod. It is setting the stage for a no holds barred match and is going all out. The two pincers in its attack are a huge ad campaign that talks about the high cost of iPod music as well as a buzz campaign around Twitter on a Zune-esque product due in June.

Wes Moss hosts the Zune Pass ad. The trivia is amazing. Could you imagine, for example that a 120 GB iPod full of music would cost $30,000!!! yes that is the amount it would take to buy that much music from iTunes. $15 per month of rent could be a much better deal – the Zune deal. There is a bit of cloaking in these claims, a lot actually.

The iPod War Machine

iPods and iPhones are helping the US army in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. These devices carry secure software, are easy to operate and not too expensive. The army uses them for a range of issues from translation to working out sniper trajectories. These devices can hold more than 30000 programs.

In the future they may be used to guide bomb disposal robots and to receive drone air craft aerial footage, and the military is working on this. Soldiers can now upload photos of detained suspects if the US Marine Corps succeed at their new program.

These would then go into a biometric database. The software could match faces. The British Military is envious of this but currently does not plan to follow suit. According to an expert, the iPod may be all the personnel need. The army men are familiar with iPods as well.

With bulk orders the Pentagon can get these machines relatively safely. So the iPod you use is the one used by U.S. military. Deja vous to the Hummer craze.

iPod Touch 3x, Windows Down

In the space of five months, the web market share of the iPod Touch has tripled. It has shot past even the iPhone. The share of Windows in the market has dropped to the lowest point even as Mac stands firm.


In November, the use of the iPod Touch stood at just 0.05 percent among the myriad websites which were being tracked by Net Applications. In less than half a year the use stands at 0.15 percent. Although this amount is still small, it represents a significant increase over the previous volume in percentage terms. Read more… »

10 raised to the power 9. One sixth of the worlds population. A fresh billionarie. Apple’s app store for the iPhone and iPod download figures. So which is the odd one out? We won’t jerk up the suspense much longer. If you have a reasonable IQ you would have guessed the answer.

Well with all due respect to your IQ, you wouldn’t have guessed that one unless you are an iPod/iPhone fanatic. The answer is: NONE. Reason – all the four sentences at the beginning of this post are connected to the number all multimillionaires aspire to – One Billion.

Now babies are going to be born with an addiction – the iPod addiction. Can’t say if this is a good thing or not, depends on what you are going to play to the babies when they are in their wombs perhaps. Suggestion: No hard rock!.

Yes now you can play music to a baby who is still in the womb. This can be done through your favorite gadget – the iPod. For music loving mothers, specially, a baby iPod has been launched.

The iPod Shuffle which was recently released has had an update which fixes some minor issues. Although the bugs that were fixed were not elaborated on, Apple said some minor ones were fixed through a 17 mb download pack which also contains several corrected pronounciations for artist names.

Low power802.11n will be supported by next gen iPod and iPhone. iPhone 3.0 firmware will have support for a new chip which enables low power 802.11nn. There is a component upgrade – the existing Broadcom chip that supplies WiFi and Bluetooth on existing models jumps from BCM4325 to BCM4329. There is support for 802.11n features which includes the ability to find and join 5GHz networks.

Currently iPod Touch and iPhone models only support 2.4Ghz 802.11b/g or 5 Ghz 802.11a networks. In the latest generation of AirPort base stations Dual-band networds are supported. This means that both fast as well as slow devices can connect with independent 5Ghz and 2.4 Ghz signals simulaneously.

The internet telephony unit of eBay Inc (Skype) is in plans to lauch a service tailored for the iPhone on Tuesday. A similar service will be launched for Blackberry users in May. This is part of an effort by Skype to move beyond internet telephony and desktops.

Most popular advanced telephones are part of Skype’s plans for expansion. Skype has more than 400 million users. According to Skype CEO Scott Durchslag, the application will succeed on the iPhone, most probably. The feature rich offer from Skype will appeal to new as well as existing customers.

Mysterious New iPod Shuffle

The smallest iPod Shuffle was launched last week. It features proprietary headphones which will replace the buttons on the music players body. There is no screen on the 3 G iPod shuffle. There will also be new voice over controls for navigation.


The control buttons are removed from the iPod Shuffle body and have been ported onto the headphones. Battery level indicator and control functions are part of these stock headphones. Read more… »

Why jailbreak the iPod

Lets first understand what jailbreaking an iPod is. It is like breaking out of prison for the true iPod experience, really. You need to go past the limitations Apple imposes without breaking the warranty. Here’s how.

Jailbreaking is not difficult at all. It is an easy procedure. It is not risky either. Your iPod Touch or iPhone can be brought back to the original settings using iTunes. The question now arises, why should you jailbreak the iPod? The answer is that there are many really cool applications out there that aren’t available in the iTunes App Store.

The iPod Gun

Now you can use your iPod/iPhone apps to play, as if you were shooting a gun. Damabia and RnSK Softronics are releasing Bang! Bang! For the iPhone and iPod Touch. A finely crafted firearm and playing with one gives you an excitement that cannot be matched. Do it the new age way. This firearm is balanced and feels like an extension of your arm. Ammo money is saved as there are no actual bullets used.

Iphone/iPod Sudoku

Sudoku has soared in popularity the past few years. If you want to know how popular it is – one measure is the 18 Sudoku apps in the iTunes store. These range from 99 cents to 10 dollars in price. So with so much choice, which Sudoku game for your iPhone is the best? There are no demo versions of the software so all you can do is take a wild guess. Or you could take help from someone who has tried out the Sudoku games.

The Whole New Gymming iPhone

The iPod has been used by gym goers for a long time. Music makes your workout so much more fun. But now the iPod is useful for gym goers in a whole new way. One iPhone software and hardware developer called iTMP technologies has launched SMHeartlink. This device helps you track health and fitness if you are an iPhone or iPod Touch user.

The health and fitness sensors that are distributed (much like those found in workout machines) collect data. This data is sent via wi-fi to the iPhone. There is also an iPhone application that will allow you to use this data.

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